Erika Mays Fort Wayne Esthetician and Wellness Expert

Erika has been an esthetician and cosmetologist for over 40 years, with certifications in Acupressure, Foot Reflexology, and Lymphatic Massage by Dr. Vodder.

We want your day spa experience at Erika's to be the finest available in the Fort Wayne area. That's why our entire staff follows Erika's example. She is.devoted to continual training and advanced education.

Your experience at Erika's will be relaxing, enchanting - unforgettable!

In fact, Erika is also certified to educate others in the use of exclusive skin care technologies, including Dr. Schrammek's Green Peel.  For years, Erika has contributed her expertise to the skin care community with her involvement in the certification of Estheticians and Cosmetologists.

Erika has received extensive training in Germany, France,  and Italy. She has also worked with Elizabeth Arden, a pioneering developer of modern cosmetology products and techniques.

To this day, Erika works with experts and world renowned researchers in the Health and Beauty field.  She does this so she can bring these life enhancing benefits right back back home to you - so you can enjoy a day spa experience like no other when you visit Erika's.

According to Erika, "My philosophy centers on a holistic, balanced approach to Health of Mind and Body. The outer beauty always fades with time, but it's the inner beauty that lasts."

Erika's holistic view of health and self-care extends to her philosophy of life. She believes "nothing matters more than your soul, health, and the sharing of kindness and love to others. These are the things that contribute the most to the inner joy and beauty that lasts. It is my sincere hope that we model this philosophy, for the experience of every client as we provide the services that are perfectly tailored for each client's individual needs."

Fort Wayne's First European Day Spa

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